Song Bag One

by Dutch Decay

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Initially entitled 'Dem Owes', Song Bag One is an album of Vocal Songs, multi-tracked home recordings from 2007 to 2014 by one man band Dutch Decay: More like musical diaries than demos these tracks are eccentric, lo-fi outsider, throw-away guitar-laden cynical folk, slacker pop, indie rock and suicide country music songs, sung by a quirky songwriter who doesn't really sing. The thought in releasing them was that there were some magic moments in these home-spun sparse informal recordings that would be lost in re-doing them in the professionalism of rehearsal and development, and the glare of recording studios. And it's much cheaper to do it this way too.... So here these songs are in their exposed naked flawed dorky and uncertain glory.
Song Bag Two coming soon.

Dutch Decay plays Electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, drum, percussion, fretless bass, drum machine, casio keyboards, and vocals on Song Bag One and Song Bag Two.


released August 10, 2014

Written performed and recorded by Dutch Decay / Dirk Kruithof @ Ssob Studio 2007-2014.
All sounds + lyrics © Dirk Kruithof.



all rights reserved


Dutch Decay Sydney, Australia

Sydney guitarist Dirk Kruithof makes eclectic mid-fidelity solo experimental home recordings under his alias Dutch Decay since 2007, when he bought a 12 track digital recording unit. He's been involved in a substantial number of diverse bands since 1989, currently playing with Free-Improv group Forenzics. He co-curated The 2010 Experimental music festival SoundsUnsound. Dutch digs songs and sounds ... more

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Track Name: Abject Industry
This dirty abject industry
Can make one tired easily
When people say things come in threes
I still dont know just what that means

From strength to strength
Hit peaks late, I aint gonna quit now
'Cos Im a late bloomer in every way
Thats what they tell me

When you're washed up at 93
Your songs are abstract therapy
When other lines dont come to me
Stuck in this abject industry
Track Name: Magic Bullets
Wanted to stay but to give it to you clear and plain from the heart.
There are no magic bullets for a start.
Confidence has done a runner, and no cash now spring is turning to summer.
Weariness, worry, 10 years of drought.
Despair is my best friend, things don't work out.
Some truths you cannot blind with hope, an empty well will not wash away with more soap for a start.
No longer know what is real and what is not, looked for a sign all the signs have been shot.
Turned to god but god has forgotten about us.
Track Name: Betrayed B.Y.O.B.
You've been betrayed, By Your Own Breath.
Track Name: Statement of a witness
The sea
The sky
The stars
And I
The warm night
So still
But I cannot swim.

The parked car was dark blue
No wait - I think it was black
The lapping waves lapped
The radio was left on
It happened so fast.

This coffee has grown cold
But yeah I heard a scream
So I ran down to help
But I could not see a thing
And I cannot swim.

The sea, the sky, the stars, and I
4 witnesses who all agree
She slipped under the waves
And was lost for good
I cannot swim
Track Name: (Those) dangerous towers
I dream of things I'll do tomorrow
And the dream should be enough
I forget my plans in the daylight
And so return to living rough
Track Name: The Dark Clouds
The dark clouds get me down the dark clouds get me down.